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Investing in Your Future


InvestingHave you ever wondered why people would want to invest in rental properties? Have you thought to yourself that I would never want to be a landlord? If so, you are not alone. The thought of having to deal with plumbing issues in the middle of the night, tenants that don’t pay their rent on time or at all are a few things that come to mind for some. With that said, for those people that become educated on the process of being an investor, it can lead to income that you typically would not get if you invested your money in a regular certificate of deposit. The income generated by your income property is often time a lot greater percentage wise than what a money market account will yield as well. Yes, there are risks with every investment and that is why you should contact us if you considering learning about investing.  We can help you avoid a large number of pitfalls so your investment can be one that is financially beneficial and personally rewarding at the same time.  Email or call Brian at (802) 862-6433 ext 34 to learn more about Chittenden County investment property that fit your needs or even if you are information gathering about the possibility he would love to chat.  

Interest Rates Heading North

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In today's busy real estate market, there are a number of things to consider when buying a home. For example the style of home you prefer, the location and the proximity to schools for some people. With that said, one important factor that can have the biggest impact on purchasing is the interest rate you will be receiving to finance your loan. This one number can determine whether you can afford a loan or qualify for a loan. One percentage point can make a big difference in your payment. Currently, interest rates have been inching upwards and the feeling is that they may continue. With that said, now is the time to purchase while the attractiveness of a rate under 5 percent is still available. If you are looking to see what your affordability is, call or email me today with no obligation.