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Vermont Real Estate Market is Strong

VT Real Estate Looking Up in Chittenden County

The Vermont real estate market is beating the national average for home sales by a large margin. Our local economy is proving that real estate is still a good investment with Chittenden County sales 17% ahead of last years year-to-date numbers. The national average is only 8%. Our local

Vermont Real Estate Sales On The Rise

Real Estate Housing Market Update

In a recent article published by Fox News the real estate report was all positive. According to their sources,nationally for the year, real estate sales are up by 3.3%. Comparing last year's April to this year shows a robust positive closing number to be up 9.9%. Additionally, the median sales price

CENTURY 21 Advantage Welcomes New Agent

New Agent Joins CENTURY 21 Advantage

CENTURY 21 Advantage in South Burlington is pleased to welcome Michael Allen to its team. He has been in the real estate business for several years. Michaels dedication to customer service in doing the right thing is evident in everything he does. He will provide you with the most up-to-date expertise,

New Construction in Vermont Making a Comeback

New Construction Condominiums in Vermont - A Good Choice

With the interest rates down and the economy slowly heading in the right direction we have seen an increased interest in new construction for homebuyers. Unlike years ago, when it was difficult to find new affordable new construction opportunities, there are a number of them today.

Vermont Real Estate Market Primed For Turnaround

Vermont Real Estate November 2011 Market Statistics Released

According to the Northwestern Board of Realtors, there are some interesting market statistics which imply that the market is slowly starting to turn around. Currently the inventory level is down to levels not seen since 2007. If that is the case, that may start stabilizing the

Vermont is ranked number one Healthiest State in the Country

United Health Foundation has Vermont number one for the third year in a row

Vermont is again ranked the Healthiest State in the Country. It doesn't surprise me that Vermont, once again, captures attention for its healthy environment. As a native Vermonter, I can attest to all the positive healthy attributes one might find living in

Helpful Tips If You Are Facing a Short Sale.

Are you, or someone you know, upside down on your mortgage?

During these tough economic times more and more people are finding it difficult to continue making mortgage payments on their homes. With that said, with the downturn in the economy, many of their homes are no longer worth what they paid for them which makes it incredibly

Winter in Vermont is right around the corner!

It's that time again in Vermont, when the leaves are falling and the temperature is perfect. If you're a Vermont home owner however, you know not to get too comfortable as the Winter is not far away. This means starting to think and plan for winterizing your home.

Vermont's Mortgage Rates Are Falling Once Again.

Mortgage rates are rocking the bottom.

Recently, we received a report that mortgage rates in general were hovering around the 4 % mark for 30-year loans and that VHFA, a first-time home buyer program, had reached a new low of 3.5 %; making home ownership even more affordable. If you would like some help in determining your options,

Financing Changes for First-time Homebuyers

Today's market may be changing for first-time home buyers. There seems to be some new guidelines to follow and financing has become much more difficult for those parties putting less money down to purchase. We have seen the financing piece become difficult not only for first-time home buyers but the move-up buyer as well. A recent

Great time to Buy Investment Properties in Chittenden County

March is finally here and we are anticipating a brisk real estate market this spring. The activity is already ahead of last year's numbers and we are optimistic about the future. This past February we set a record for the amount of snow fall ever at 43 inches. Not to mention the 3rd largest snowfall on record from the storm on Monday!!

Vermont Real Estate Inventory

Real estate inventory is down in Vermont. According to recent statistics from the Northern New England Real Estate Network, residential listings for the state of Vermont in 2010 for January were at 19,627. In January of this year the number had declined to 16,383. That is a decrease of 16.5%. This could mean a number of things, but one

Burlington Market Trend Updates

According to the latest statistics from the Northern New Enlgand Real Estate Network, the five-year residential median average price history for VT condos for sale have seen a decrease in value just like homes. Taking a look at the numbers from 2007, the average list price for a condo for sale was $217,788 and the average sales price was

Vermont Real Estate Market Trends

Vermont Real Estate Prices downward trend in the last 3 years in Vermont - According to the latest information pulled from the Northern New England Real Estate Network, there has been a decline in median prices of homes in the State of Vermont since 2007. In 2007, the average list price of a home was $310,991 and the average sales
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