Our Chittenden County VT Commercial Listings

Below are listings for commercial properties from Brian French Real Estate. These commercial real estate listings can be found in Burlington, Vermont, and surrounding areas. Contact Brian French Real Estate if you have questions about any of the properties below. Log in or register to save favorite searches, properties, and to receive updates when new commercial listings you may be interested in come on the market!

Chittenden County, Vermont is a vibrant hub for commercial real estate, offering a diverse range of property types to suit a variety of businesses. With its picturesque landscapes and robust economy, it's an ideal location for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. The county boasts a mix of office spaces, retail locations, and industrial spaces, catering to different industries from tech startups to traditional manufacturing companies.

The local amenities in Chittenden County further enhance its appeal as a commercial real estate destination. The region offers excellent transportation links, including major highways and Burlington International Airport, making it easily accessible for both local and international business. Additionally, the county is home to a highly educated workforce, thanks to institutions like the University of Vermont and Champlain College.

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