Home Inspection FAQ

Q: If the house I choose looks okay, should I save money by skipping the inspection?

A: A qualified inspection service is worth the money. Your inspector may find safety issue defects that are not obvious. With an inspection report in hand, you can save hundreds and sometimes thousands in future repair bills by having the seller fix things prior to closing or give you the money to fix them. And when you attend the inspection, you are encouraged to ask questions about how things work.

Your inspector can point out areas that require regular maintenance. He will show you such things as where your meters are or where to turn off electricity and water in case of an emergency. Even if your inspector finds nothing wrong with the home, the time spent familiarizing yourself with how your home functions and learning how to maintain it is worth the money.

Feel free to contact Brian if you have any questions about home inspection or VT real estate. Below is a list of home inspection services in VT.

Vermont Home Inspectors

All State Home Inspection
Greg Kelsea

Guy Henning

Bruce Raymond
Home Wise Inspection

Building Inspection Service
Greg Jeffers

Burlington Home Inspection
Sean McKenzie

Home Inspection Testing Services of Vermont
Michael Clark

Inspection Technologies, Inc
Michael Schirmer

Jody McDonald

Vaughn Jipner Inspection

World Inspection Network
Stephen Morse