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About Kelly

Kelly believes that listening, honesty, patience, knowledge and timely follow up with buyers and sellers is very important. She prides herself on her prompt follow up of all phone calls, emails and answers to questions asked. She firmly believes that listening to her buyers and seller’s needs, wants and concerns is of foremost importance as is honesty at all times. She is hard working and tries to make the home buying and selling experience as smooth as possible.

One of the most important assets she brings to her buyers and sellers is not only her 24 years of experience but also her A-Type and A-perfectionist personality.  She is extremely focused on details and organization. You can be sure she will always strive for total satisfaction with each and every buyer and seller she works with.

Her unique combination of understanding, honesty and unflagging effort make her the perfect Realtor whether you are buying or selling.



"Kelly Farr sold my husband and me our condo more than fifteen years ago. Ever since then, she has kept in touch with us at least twice a year with a postcard and a recipe. This past spring, Kelly sent us a card saying that the condo market was very seller favorable and asked if she could do anything for us. Roger and I were considering moving to a fifty-five and older apartment complex, and her postcard put us over the edge.  We called Kelly, and of course she came to see us right away. She made some recommendations for improvements and told us we should be ready to sell very shortly after it was listed. I was very doubtful. After we made the improvements, Kelly listed our condo on Monday June 12. By Friday June 16 we had three offers for more than our asking price, and immediately accepted the one that the three of us considered the best offer.  All went well until the building inspector told us that we needed to replace part of a beam. We were very upset, but Kelly just went on working for us. She found us a very competent builder who did the necessary work over the weekend. The building inspector accepted the work, and the buyers agreed. We went to our closing on time, and Kelly was still working, reminding us every day of things we needed to provide for the closing. She even helped us find our way to the law office where the closing took place. Kelly's motto is to keep working until your property is sold. She is always there with encouragement, thoughtfulness, and lots of good common sense. When you are ready to buy or sell, choose someone who not only cares about getting you the best price that can be had at the time. Look for someone who also cares about what is important to you, personally. Choose Kelly Farr!"  
~ Barbara Buchanan


"Kelly was patient, highly knowledgeable about Burlington, Burlington real estate, and the ins-and-outs of buying homes, and was incredibly flexible and accommodating in scheduling viewings. We went on over a dozen and half-day long treks all across the area, and she was terrific about this. She was patient with my changing my mind about offers and generous in giving detailed feedback and contracts, pointing me in a good direction with lenders, helping set realistic expectations throughout the process, and basically guided me through every step of the way. I felt tremendously grateful for his guidance. She was professional and responded quickly whether by email or text. Also important to me was the fact that she put absolutely no pressure on me and provided information in an even-handed, non-judgmental, manner, and was unfazed by several course-changes in what I was looking for. Moreover, she is highly attentive to detail. Bottom line – I can’t imagine having a more positive experience and recommend her without reservation to anyone looking to buy."
~ Happy Client

"Kelly Farr always answers the phone or calls back immediately. We always feel like we are top priority with Kelly. We recommend her to everybody we know or cross paths with. She always takes care of us any time of the day or night without any issue. Best agent we have ever used!"
~ Cara LaBounty

"Kelly Farr worked very hard for us and got results! She is very thorough; returns emails and phone calls promptly. Obviously has lots of experience in customer service and great attention to detail." 
~ Ernest and Trudy Webster

"Kelly Farr is amazing at her job and worked so hard to find us our dream home. OUTSTANDING!! I recommend Kelly to everyone I know in search of a new home. She is very easy for all parties to work with. She did so many things to help us before and after our offer was accepted; including being available 24/7."
~ Meredith Bartolo and Jason Pappas

"Online marketing was new for us, but effective. Virtual Tour had many hits as well as web listing. #KellyFarr gave great feedback about what we could do to make our house more saleable and marketable. She is aggressive and makes every attempt to make a sale. She would immediately respond to texts, emails, and calls no matter time of day 24/7; even on vacation."
Kathleen Conan

"Kelly Farr was awesome, she really kept things moving forward.  She helped get the seller's agent, town and state moving quickly on a title issue."
John and Tracy Erdelyi, Buyers


"Kelly Farr put us, the customer, first at all times during the process.  She was great about listening to what we wanted in a home and showing us houses that contained things we mentioned while looking at previous houses. We had to go back and forth with the seller's realtor and Kelly got everything ready very quickly to back to the sellers. She had to deal with a very difficult seller’s agent; which entailed a lot of additional time and paperwork. Kelly was great. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a house."

Kendra LaBounty/Austin Ziskie


"Kelly is a terrific advocate for her client.  She is personable, knowledgeable and proactive.  She is a person of integrity you can trust. She kept us in step with everything we needed to do and even caught some contract errors made by the realtor representing the buyer."
James and Frances Petri


"Kelly is always courteous and professional.  She is knowledgeable and is prompt in getting back to you. She has a lot of integrity. Kelly offered her thoughts but allowed us room to think about things.  Just knowing I could contact her with any questions was comforting."
Kristi Kilbride

“I really felt like Kelly was looking out for my best interests.  Kelly was highly recommended by my parents and I can now see why - she was really "on top" of everything.  I appreciated her professionalism.”
Diane Sanville


"Kelly Farr has gone above and beyond to help me sell my house.  She helped me to stay positive through the entire process.  She was in frequent contact with me, sometimes on a daily basis.  I always felt so confident knowing that Kelly was doing everything she could to sell the house! My property was widely marketed.  I would not have been able to advertise my home as well if I had tried to sell it myself. Kelly had some challenging situations during my listing period. She handled them extremely well and worked relentlessly to move the process forward and in a timely manner.  Kelly did a great job finding properties that I would be interested in!  I am so excited about the townhouse that she helped me to purchase.  Kelly held me together during a stressful closing process! She tried her best to keep the closings scheduled on time."

Sheila Bailey (Buyer and Seller)

"Kelly was in frequent contact and if I had a question she would answer them or find answers quickly."

Thomas McLaughlin

“As a representative of the company, she was excellent.  She made great recommendations that were very helpful and knowledgeable.  She kept me updated and checked in with me frequently.”
Tracey Canino


"Kelly was very informative with her experience. I felt very comfortable with her answers to my many questions since it had been 25 years since I had purchased a house.  Kelly was very helful with scheduling all the necessary steps toward the closing.  Kelly researched the area and helped me get my sale price in line with the market. I was just overall impressed with all the work put into buying and selling real estate; the quickness of the advertising to get the house on the market."

Deb Lavalley


"Kelly was perceptive of our unique property requirements, patient with our changing needs, and persistent in her search to find the perfect home for us.  It was a pleasure working with Kelly."

Brad Lawrence


"This is my third experience with Kelly.  She's always motivated and detail oriented.  As long as she's around, she'll be my broker!"

Alan Hale


"Kelly Farr went above and beyond to get my property sold and make the transaction as smooth as possible.  Kelly always made herself available and responded instantly to all my questions.  She would come to my work so I could sign paperwork.  As a single mom, this was so helpful."

Kristin Vigneault


"Kelly was very well informed about  the market and kept a close eye on all aspects of the process, kept me on task and was completely pleasant and fun to work with.  I would hire Kelly again in a heartbeat.  She was very well informed about  the market and kept a close eye on all aspects of the process, kept me on task and was completely pleasant and fun to work with.  I would hire Kelly again in a heartbeat.  She really knew what was important to glean from the buyer's requests and was very diplomatic with all parties.  She had excellent communication throughout the entire process.  I felt completely informed, very much listened to and cared for.”
Carol Hakstian

"Kelly was great. She was available and helpful.  She returned calls and emails promptly; even on weekends.  Very helpful through the process.  She found a house that was just going on the market and showed us before anyone else saw it.  Kelly also was a great help with negotiations."
Brian Hadley and Diane Wyeth

"Kelly Farr is an excellent listener and has the ability to know what kind of home I was looking for and found it for me!  She always gave me excellent advice through every step. Went out of her way to accommodate any request. Very caring."
Margo Johnson/James Johnson

“Kelly Farr made herself available at all times and never limited hours!”

Laura and Curtis Stark

“I expected the selling of our house to be a difficult process. However, Kelly helped every step of the way from the first time she saw our home and gave us suggestions to being with us at the closing. She answered all my questions and made me feel confident all would go well.”

Jane and John Martin

“Thank you to Kelly Farr for all that she went through with us to find our home. She stuck with us till we found the home we both enjoyed.”

Keith and Amy Benoit

“Totally professional through every step. I always felt as if they were more concerned with the quality of service rather than just making the sale. Kelly Farr was always alert, concerned and looked out for my best interest.”

Dennis Koepke

“Kelly was tremendous from the start. Once she heard we were looking for a home, she kept in touch and sent listings every day. I have already recommended her to someone.”

John Olson

“Excellent help, patience, and positive attitude. Keep up the good work. Just really kept on top of things; was constantly available and flexible.”

Steven Dumas

“Kelly did a wonderful job! Was always very prompt in returning phone calls and worked hard for us during the whole buying process.”

Sally and Shawn Polley

“We love Kelly to pieces! She is exceptional in every way and exactly the type of person you can count on during the stress of selling and buying a home. “

Peter Knapp
Sue Fritz


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