Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"We have worked with Brian French as both buyers and sellers agent. He is prompt and professional and gets right to the point. We appreciated his no-nonsense approach and felt he represented our interests well."

Kelly Farr was exceptionally helpful from start to finish!
Totally professional through every step. I always felt as if they were more concerned with the quality of service rather than just making the sale.
We love Kelly to pieces! She is exceptional in everyway and exactly the type of person you can count on during the stress of selling and buying a home.
The combined knowledge base that Jim and Linda have made this the 'special advantage' to have. I had a high level of interest of the builder. Jim and Linda's calmness and logical answers to my questions and requests gave me comfort that I was not alone.
Wonderful! Personal attention to every detail. A superb experience; especially for a first-time seller. Lydia went above and beyond to make suggestions and help me showcase my property to its fullest advantage. Lydia was a helpful advisor, counselor and negotiator. Mindy was always knowledgeable, pleasant and very helpful. A great company!
Kelly did a wonderful job! Was always very prompt in returning phone calls and worked hard for us during the whole buying process.
Brian did everything that I had expected. He took a tough sell and got the job done fast. He did more in the first week then the previous listing agent/company did in 6 months! Thank you to Brian and Mindy for a great job of marketing, selling and closing on this property.
Jim did an excellent job of keeping us informed of all contract negotiations, worked with the tenants very well, and even helped the buyer secure insurance to keep our closing date on schedule.
My last home was investment property and Leah Racine was very helpful with everything.
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