Get New Listing Notifications Automatically

> What Are New Listing Notifications?

If you are interested in purchasing a home or just thinking about buying, our Property Listing Notification can keep you informed about new properties as soon as they come on the market. Once you have registered and saved at least one search, you will receive email notices as new listings that match your search criteria are added to theMLS.


> Why Do I Need To Register?

The information we are providing is the same material that real estate professionals receive, and therefore your information must be authorized because of the privacy of the data you are about to have access to and the value it pertains.


> How do I sign up?

To use this feature:

1. Sign up for a free account on our web site.

2. Search for listings. In doing a search, you will be defining the criteria for the property you’re looking to purchase.

3. On the Search Results page, click the button labeled “Save Search and Notify Me of New Listings.”

4. When you click this button, a small window will pop up asking you to name the search. Enter any name you desire and click “OK” to continue.

5. To see a list of the searches you have saved, click on the link labeled “View My Searches” at the top of the screen (You must be logged into the site to view this link. [Important Note: You must complete and save at least one search to receive updates.]

6. Sit back, relax, and check your email daily for all listings that come on the market that match your search criteria. [Please Note: If your search returns more than 100 results, you will need to make your search criteria more specific.]


> Can I remove myself from listing notifications?

Yes. Log into our web site and go to the “View My Searches” page. Delete the search(es) that you no longer wish to receive and you will unsubscribe yourself from future updates. 


> How accurate is the information sent to me?

The MLS information is updated daily. The information listed is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. If you are interested in a specific listing, please contact us.


> Is my information secure?

Yes, we promise not to give or sell your name to anyone else.