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who cares if it gets cold

I often find it amusing when I tell people that I live in Vermont when I am visiting other states and their reaction to it. "But isn't so cold there?" they ask. Of course it is cold at times, but not all the time. We have four great seasons here. Being a native, I am certainly used to all the seasons and the changing weather conditions. We have a saying here, if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes and see what happens. We take advantage of the snow in the winter time being only 35 minutes to what some people consider the ski capital of the East, Stowe, Vermont, and only 25 minutes to a smaller Mountain Bolton Valley. In the fall, we have some of the best foliage one can imagine, combined with lots of soccer and fall baseball and football. In the spring, we enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, baseball, biking and running outdoors.In the summer, we enjoy the lake, the bike paths, hiking and more. We love the outdoors and all the healthy activities that you can enjoy. Yes, sometimes it gets cold, but not enough for us to complain to long. We live in Vermont, deal with the coldand love it here.

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