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The Interest Rate Game

Interest rates change constantly. Some days they are up and some days they are down. When I started selling real estate in 1984 interest rates were in the 14% range. That's right 14%. Do you remember how difficult it was to accept that reality. Well, rates are currently down but that will last only so long. When the economy is sluggish people have a tendency to move their money out of the stock market into bonds and mortgage-backed securities. This causes mortgage interest rates to go down. When the economy is doing well, the stock market rallies and the Investors have a tendency to move their money back into the stock market which in turn makes the interest rates go up. It is often difficult to time the market to get the ultimate lowest price in the housing market and that is why it is important to take advantage of the current situation if you are thinking about buying. Interest rates are low and the time is right to purchase your home.

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