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Snowy Week

An unpredicted ice storm roared into the area on Wednesdaymorning around 7:00 am making the roads treacherous to drive on. There were many accidents and a number of school cancellations due to a build up of ice under the 5 inches of wet and heavy snow. Usually this small amount of snow doesn't affect us much, but combined with the thick frozen ice beneath it, caused the best laid plans for an easymorning commute to dissapear. There were many cars off the road and one police cruiser had been rear -ended on the entry ramp to I-89 off Shelburne Road. The roads no sooner werecleared up by the afternoon and another 5-6 inches came in overnight on only to wake up to it all over again!!! The trees are still snowcovered and relect the winter beauty that Vermont has to offer this time of year.

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