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The Skiing is Great

I went skiing this past Saturday at Bolton Ski Area. It is only 23 minutes away from Burlington which is so incredibly convenient. I think we live in such a magical place. We received 15 inches of snow on Wednesday and it was sunny with very little wind which made the trips up the lift so much more enjoyable. The snow was still on the trees especially on the top of the mountain, which always seems to be the case and we have to remind ourselves not to take this view for granted. My kids will chime in when I say, "you know what?" And they will say, "yes Dad, it's so pretty it's like a postcard." I guess they have heard it many times before. We met a guy riding up the lift who transfered here from Wisconsin ten years ago before he had kids. He said his wife wanted to transfer while they were young and did not have kids. The only reason he agreed to the move was because his wife had shown him an aerial view of Burlington bordering Lake Champlain with the mountains in close proximity. He is an avid sailor and skier so he was up for the move. Anyways he now has too small children and loves it here and he says he can't imagine a better place to raisehis family. I guess I am not the only onewho thinks that way.

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