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The Today Show at Sugarbush

How ironic that I just went skiing at Sugarbush last week, which I had not done in ages and the Today Show just did a live shoot there this morning at 7:00. I think they did an excellent job and the beauty of Vermont was well represented on their newscast. It further substantiates what I have been telling you all along. Vermont is not just a beautiful state, but it is a state of mind as well.The sunwas shining brightly this morningagainsta clear dark blue ski. The temperature was hovering around 8 degrees, and I thought to myself, that mother nature really takes care of us here. She makes it just cold enough, just long enough that it keeps hordes of people from moving here which preserves our serenity, protects us from over building and maintains a lower carbon foot print for our us to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. Sure we have to travel out of the state to see a professional sporting event or to visit a big time city. But we don't have to fight the traffic jams on the expressways, our air is cleaner to breath and our crime rate is way below the national average. Yes, the Today Show was here this week, and the hosts were shivering at times outside as they did their live broadcast.They were struggling to get their hats and gloves on just right to try to stop the cold.I chuckled to myself,because Mother Nature had decided toattend the event this morning.Yes she was there, and she made sure she provided our guestswithsome good-old Vermonthome cookin of her own. Just the way we like it.

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