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Fashion Show at Convention

I don't believe what I have agreed to, but I have. I agreed to be ina fashion show at the Century 21 International Convention this week in Orlando. I got a call from the guy in charge of events for Century 21 and he said my name was referred to him by someone who said I might beup for some fun at the convention. He said they were going to have a fashion show on Friday featuring a new line of clothing that Century 21 was promoting. If IparticipatedI could keep the clothes, so I said sure, thinking that I could get lost in the crowd on stage. Well I just found out that there will be only 7 of us coming out on stage individually in front of 8000 people. Just to let youknow, I normally reallylike to fly below the radar at these types of things, so I still am asking myself what the heck was I thinking??? Anyways, I am going to go through with it and put myself out of my comfort zone.Iamgoing to have a positive outlook on thisandwill try to makethis a fun experience. Who knows, maybe there will movie star scout there and I'llget chosen to be in the movies next.Ok, maybe I'm still not thinking.

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