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keep your Legislator honest

Currently the Legislature is in session which is an important time for the general public and Realtors to pay attention to some of the bills that are being proposed. Some of the items that are being discussed can truly be detrimental to the affordable housing crisis that we have in our area. For example their is a water buffer bill for new construction homes being proposed that would for all intensive purposes shut down any future single family building because of its' restrictions. There is another bill being proposed that would create a statewide rental registry for apartment owners, which when really thoroughly thought about would be the beginning of a new system to charge more fees. The fees would ultimately be passed on to the tenant creating an even more difficult situation to afford housing expenses. It is important to be in touch with what's going on in Montpelier right now and if you don't agree with some of the proposals, let your legislator know. Take advantage of your rights and help us make Vermont, a more affordable place to live.

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