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Ice storm

I find that we seem to focus on the weather an awful lot. An explanation for that could be that we have a saying here, if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes. Also, it could bethefact that we do have 4 very distinct seasons and transitioning from one to the next is sometimes to say the least interesting. This past weekend we had a wild storm blow in that brought a driving freezing rain that left much of our area without power and lots of icy roads and sidewalks. Once the freezing rain hit, the temperature dropped making everything solid ice. The roads were treacherous and all the tree branches were encapsulated with about 1/2 inch thick ice. It was quite beautiful, but it caused many trees to bend and eventually come crashing down into power lines, thus causing the power outages. It was so strange that in some areas you could glide on top of the snow, because it had been turned to ice. I can't say that I have seen it this way in a long long time. Back in 1998 we had a similar storm which caused tremendous damage, so we are thankful that it was not that bad. Anyways, the extended forecast is for the temperatures to rise to the mid 30's by Wednesday. That will be a welcome sight, because for now it is that stupid kind of cold where you try to run to, and in our case, skate to our cars in the parking lot to go show property.

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