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Spring Anyone?

Okay, here we are for all intensive purposes putting a wrap on March and it is still quite cold going outside. The temperatures hovering around 22 degrees and is predicted to rise maybe in a few days to the 30's. Hallalujeh a movement in the right direction. I think I have talked to at least 8 people in the last week that have mentioned how sick and tired everyone is of the cold. Yes winters are long, but come on, we often have hit 50 degrees a couple of times in the past just to tease us a bit. Cabin fever I think is real, I can't remember a time when I wanted spring to be here so bad. I knew I shouldn't have gone to Florida to get a taste of what it's like elsewhere. For crying out loud it was in the 50's last week in New Jersey. New Jersey!! Oh well,I guess it's mother nature's gift to those inhabitants, because it is New Jersey. By the way, nothing personal to all my friends and family that live there. I'm just venting.

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