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Rake Your Yard Now

If you live in Burlington and use the Intervale to dispose of your yard debris you better get your yard cleaned up this week. I just saw in the papera few days agothat the Intervale will no longer be accepting yard debris as of May 1st because they didn't get arequired permit renewed with the State. If I am correct the permit cost $300,000 which is real money. I think the article said the Chittenden Solid Waste Division was going to try to rectify the situation but only time will tell. I truly hope that something can get done, because they provide a great service to the citizens of Burlington. Additionally, they will not be able to accept any type of food composting as well which is huge because many restaurants use their facility to compost food scraps etc. Vermonters are very aware of the positive effects of recycling, and composting on our environment, and the Intervale provides us an opportunity to make a small difference in our community. I hope that things get straightened out real soon at the Intervale, but if not, start raking your yard this week and get it to the Intervale while you still can.

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