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I was in a grocery store yesterday and I ran into my Economics professor from St. Michaels College. It's been 26 years since I had seen him and it was great. He is such a wonderful man who truly cares about the students he teaches. We had a great conversation about St. Mikes and he remembered that I played soccer there and we discussed the current state of affairs for the program etc. AfterI got back to my office,I e-mailed a friend of mine who I played soccer with and who attended class with me when he was so inclined back in the day in his class. We reminisced about some of the fun we had and my buddy forwarded my e-mail to some of our other friends, who I haven't heard from in years. This started a chain reaction with everyone weighing in on our Professor and some of the stupid things we used to do. It was great to hear from these guys and it made me think how lucky I have been to share some great experiences with such great people. Other than family, there is nothing more important than friendship. It's funny without the Internet, this wouldn't have been possible. Technology has come so far, and so have me and my friends.

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