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Flood Watch

It is that time of year when we start keeping an eye on the lake level. When your city borders such a vast body of water as Lake Champlain, I guessit is only normal to do so. The lake level is currently around 99 feet which is considered quite high, although our expectations are that it will probably reach 101 feet within the next couple of days because of the melting snow and the rain. There is a flood watch in effect for those areas adjacent to rivers and large streams because of the amount of run off from the mountains that is taking place. I drove north on Interstate 89 this morningover the bridgein Winooski and the water was ferocious as it cascaded over the damn. People who have lakefront camps, cottages and homes are certainly keeping an eye on the water levels as well. It is spring here and between mud season, and all the potholes, flooding is just another thing we deal with while we wait for warmer weather.

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