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Recession is Here?

I just read an article in the newspaper this morning that quoted our State's economist as saying that we are in a recession. Thank goodness they spelled that out for us, otherwise we would have been unsure what was going on with the economy. The Outlook, according tothe prognosticators, is that it will last to 2010. I am not quite sure how they figure out when it will be over, when they really couldn't predict when it would be here in the first place. I mean for them to come out and make the announcement today, I feel like we should have some type of celebration because someone stood up to the podium and formally made the proclamationfor all to hear. I think they couldhave been alittle more creative and belted it out from the capitol's steps on a megaphone,hear ye hear ye, the state is now officially in a recession so now you can all go home. Maybe wecould have gotten a day off for all the trouble they went to in announcing it in the newspaper and the fact that it came from an official representing the state. In fact, why don't we make it an official Holiday today and have it annually? It could be called Eyeore Day and each year we could take the time to reflect how bad things are. Myself, I prefer tobe an optimist, cause our business is up and we are beating the market. Maybe this recession thing isnot so badafter all. We have put a lot of people in homes in the last 3 and half months and that is a good thing.

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