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Birds of a Feather

Yesterday I was outside on my deck whenI thoughtI heard something fall out of a tree. I turned around and saw a bird on the ground. I waited for a second and he was trying to fly but couldn't. he looked like he was caught in a branch. I snuck over and sure enough his leg was entwined in some type of string and it was wrapped around the branch. It looked like his leg was broken. My wife was with me and I asked her to call an animal control person to help us out; because I didn't want to hurt the bird. We talked to a volunteer with a group called "Animal Defender". She couldn't come out but told us what we had to do to get the bird to her. We used a towel to cover him up and we gently lifted him out and cut as much twine off as we could. We put him in a box and drove him 4 miles to her house. When we got there the lady gently takes him out of the box and proceeds to inspect him and continues cutting the tightly wrapped line off his leg. She thought that he seemed to be faring pretty well considering the circumstances and she said she was pretty sure she could nurse him back to good health, because it didn't appear that his wing was broken. We got a call this morning from this wonderful lady who said she had gotten the line unwrapped from his leg and had put some type of ointment on his leg and he was doing incredibly well. In fact she said she was going to bring him back to our backyard today to release him back to his surroundings. We were so happy to hear that everything was going to work out for this poor little black bird. Needless to say, that was our good deed for the day yesterday. I just wonder how we are going to top that one for today.

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