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Can my Realtor help me get a loan?

In today's world there are a many options one has to choose from when trying to obtain a mortgage for their new home. The reality is that there are so many options that often times it can become confusing and that is where your Realtor can lend a hand. Because a Realtor is in the business of helping people buy and sell homes, they are intricately involved with the financing process and are able to experience what works and what doesn't. Additionally they are privy to what mortgage companys are able to do and not to do. If I was shopping for a home with my Realtor, I would ask for a list of potential loan officers who he or she has done business with and has hadsuccess. Especially with people who may be in a similar financial situation as myself. It's important to get a referral in today's world, after all, the mortgage industry is in a mess because of some of the poor business practices of a number of mortgage companies. Thank goodness in our area wefared well and did not experience those types of business practices that lots of areas around the country experienced.

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