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Foreclosures Can be Everybody's Problem

Ijust read an article on talking about the affects that a foreclosure can have on a neighborhood. It is easy for people that are making their payments on time to notthink aboutthose individuals who may be living in their neighborhood struggling to make their payments. Unfortunately, everyone needs to stop and think about the ramifications of their neighbors losing their homes and the effects that it will have on their neighborhoods and the value of their homes. When people have their homes taken away, the homes can take on a stigma of their own. Things start to deteriorate, the lawn becomes overgrown and in the larger cities drug dealers and prostitutes take over vacant homes to use at their discretion. All of this, affects the vitality of the neighborhood and the value of the surrounding homes. Therefore it is everyone's problem. If you see a home become vacant inyourneighborhood, don't just sit by and wait to see what ishappening. Get involved and don't let your neighbor's bad luck adversely affect yourhome.According to their numbers the projected number of foreclosures are the worst in Nevada where one out of every 11 homeowners will be foreclosed upon. The best state according to their predictions is North Dakota where 1 out of 165 will experience it. Vermont thank goodness is fourth in the country with them predicting 1 out of 86 people will be foreclosed upon.

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