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Steps to Buying a Home

It is a funny thing when you talk to some people about buying their first home. They often have the impression that it's a couple of steps, find a home and get a loan. Not to mention that is the order of how they think it should go. Needless to say, the order is incorrect especially after the mortgage crisis that we have recently experienced and there are many more steps to this process that buyers need to be aware of. Recently we evalutated the process and came up with 15 different steps in the buying process that should be followed in order to have a successful real estate transaction. When people hire us as their representatives we provide them with a home buyers guide that walks them through the process and puts it in a flow chart form as well so they can see where we are at all times in helping them reach their goals. Our job is to make our buyer's lives more simple and fun as they search for their new home. This means avoiding any surprises that could come up by not being prepared. If you are thinking about buying your first home or your 5th home, you should give me a call and I will provide you with our system for having your purchase be a success and we may have some fun while we do it.

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