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Selling tips 101

If you are thinking of selling your home today, here are a few pointers that you may want to take advantage of to help sell your home. First of all, make sure that you are completely realistic about your price. If you are at the top of the competition, plan on staying put for quite some time. Secondly, hire an experienced agent. Someone who has experienced a slow down in the market before. If your realtor hasn't gone through at least one recession, he probably will not have the werewithall to market your home. Thirdly, take a look at your home with a home stager. Not just the inside, but maybe the outside as well. We all look at our homes through a biased eye, so having a professional making adjustments may do the trick. Next offer some type of buyer monetary incentive. Why not? Money talks and you know the rest of the story. And lastly, if your home is sinking you, consider a short sale. Negotiatiate with the bank and see if that is a possibility.

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