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Are you Ready to Retire?

Today's retirees face many new challenges that most of our grandparents did not when they retired. Years ago, people could count on pensions and social security to take care of them during their golden years. In today's world that is the furthest thing from the truth. Everything is so muchmore expensive today. Taxes, health care, insurances and fuel to name just a few. That is not even considering the cost of food. It certainly is a new world with new challenges. Most retirees today will spend either the same in retirement as they do while working, or some will spend more. Most retirees today are active and therefore their leisure activities can cost money and needs to be paid somehow. If you are thinking of retiring make sure you have a good plan and plenty of money to support your lifestyle. Don't forget, taxes continue to rise so make sure your portfolio can keep up with the rising costs you may experience.

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