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The First Snow

Well today was the first significant snow that we received that actually affected travel early this morning in nearby Williston. I left Burlington at 7:30 am with a few flakes seen intermittingly on may way to an 8:00 appointment in Williston only 15 minutes away. What a difference 15 minutes makes. As soon as I hit the middle of Williston, the snow just hits. There is an inch of snow on the ground and there is black ice on the roads. The traffic slows to a crawl and the roadI am on gets closed due to an accident. AsI head back towards the office in South Burlington there is another accident on a side street, so they have that blocked off. AsI travel a half mile further, the traffic comes to a stand still and the police and ambulance go flying by me again. Itake a side street and a bit of a detour to try to get back to the office. I am about a 1/4 a way from the office and a car darts out of a side street right in front of me. I hit the breaks only to go sideways on the ice and almost end up against a pole. I ended up straightening it out furious that someone would do that under these conditions. I make it into the office no worse for wear, but am truly glad that most of my days don't start out like today.

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