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With Confidence comes Calm

I am not a financial analyst or profess to be, but what I do know for sure is that the economy needs some sign of hope in order for the chaos to subside. If you watch the seven o'clock news you certainly come away feeling depressed. The doom and gloom they promote is enough to send all of us to counseling whether we need it or not. Unfortunately, we have no one standing up and reassuring us that we will make it through these tough times. I think when the new President takes his office it is absolutely necessary for him to portray confidence and to spell out a plan on how we can turn things around. Often times it is not the circumstances that will determine the outcome of events, but the attitude that we take about the circumstances. As a baseball coach and leader of our team, I know that strong leadership during tough times can lesson every one's anxiety and provide a calm in the midst of an awful storm.

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