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Holy Cow It's December

Where did this year go? It seems like it went by so fast. I think that happens as we get older. We get busy with the kids schedule and then work and before you know it, it's December. It's odd this year that we really don't have any snow on the ground yet. Typically, we get snow around Thanksgiving or before and then we wait it out. Having said that, we'll probably get 6 inches tonight. The stock market continues to bounce from new highs and lows on a daily basis which causes the interest rates to go up and down as well. Two days ago they dropped half a point and you could get an owner occupied rate with zero points for 5.375 %. What an amazing deal !! Today it is back up around 5.9% If you pay attention you can really save some money not only on your home, but on investment property as well. When the rates went down on for primary homes they also went down on investment property to 5.625%. A number we haven't seen in about 4 years.

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