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Ride the Interest Rate Wave in Burlington Vermont

If you are not in the real estate game right now, you may want to consider it. Recently the interest rates have been rising and falling like the stock market. Some days are really good and some days, well you know the rest of the sentence. Most recently though a number of lucky people locked into a fixed 30 year mortgage with zero points for 5.375%. Yes that is what I said. We haven't seen these types of rates for 4 years !! With prices being so competitive now, it may be the perfect time to upgrade. Nothing like a perfect storm for those savvy investors and homeowners to know when the time is right to perform. Low interest rates, great supply to choose from and incredible prices are a great way to build value in the long run. If you would like some help in figuring out how to go about it, give me call. You will be glad you did. Brian

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