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Short Sale May Be An Alternative in Vermont

There are a number of people out there that are struggling with large mortgage payments and other outstanding debt that has become too much of a burden. If you are one of those individuals and have fallen behind on your payments and have tried to renegotiate your loan to no avail, then a short sale may be your best option verses having a foreclosure. A short sale is where you sell your property for less than what you owe the bank. In this case, the bank would have to be willing to accept such a transaction. In many cases they would prefer to have something verses reclaiming the house and not getting any of their money back. In most cases, short sales net the banks more money than they would ultimately receive with a foreclosure sale. If you think you may be in this type of situation, contact me and I will help you out. It is not an ideal solution, but it is one that may be worth discussing. Brian

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