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Spring Forward in Burlington Vermont

Spring is in the air with the time being adjusted this past weekend and warmer weather teasing us as well. I am looking forward to the snow being gone and the kids getting out onto the baseball diamond for this year's competitions. We just got back from a short visit with our relatives in Sunny Hollywood Florida last week and I must admit it was really nice to experience temperatures in the upper 70's. When you live in Vermont, you become accustomed to overcast skys and gray days during the winter months. And when you go away and get some sunshine it makes you feel incredibly happy and appreciative. Vermonters, on a whole, are very hardy and independent people who are somewhat toughend by what mother nature throws at us I believe. Yes we may be tough, butI think we all have a soft spot for warm weather. Let me know your thoughts on how you feel about the winters in Vermont or if you would like a change in your housing accomodations, I can help there too. Brian

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