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Recession Leaving Burlington Vermont

There is an article today on the internet that states that the Government is predicting that the Recession has started to subside. Expectations are such here, that we are hoping that things will noticeably change by the end of the summer. I was talking to another business owner yesterday and he said that the glacier has started to move slightly in reference to the economy, and I for one, think he may be right. We are starting to experience more phone calls and more showings on our listings which is the first sign of more activity. Yes our numbers are far behind last year's but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. The price decline that we have been experiencing has slowed dramatically which means we may be at the bottom of the market. It is a great time to buy before the interest rates take a hike on potential inflation discussions. If you would like to make a move, let me know. I can help. Brian

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