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First-Time Home Buyer $8,000 tax credit in Burlington, Vt

If you are a first-time home buyer, now is the time to get pre-approved and contact yours truly to find you a home. For only a short time left if you close on your first home by December 1st the government will give you an $8,000 tax credit when you file your taxes the next year. This is really a deal that seems to good to be true, but more importantly it is to good to pass up. I have been selling real estate for the last 25 years and this is the first time that I have ever seen anyone offer free money for purchasing a home. Tha't s right it is free and you should all be taking advantage of it. Especially since the interest rates are so low. But remember the clock is ticking and before you know it, this special offering will be over and my only hope is that you can say that you saw it here first and took advantage of it. Drop me a line today. I can help.

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