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Brian French Real Estate

Wouldnt it be great to find your friends in the Chittenden County real estate market ? Sometimes when we think about the real estate market we only think in terms of dollars and cents and location and location. As I sit here today, I was thinking about a few of my very closest, dearest friends that I live within bike riding distance from. When we buy and sell homes, quite often we leave behind great friends as we improve our housing situation which makes the move that much more difficult. You can change jobs, you can change locations and you can change homes, but one thing that is almost unthinkable is to change your friends. I would suggest the next time you happen to find yourself in that position to remember with all the changes taking place, there will be one thing that will remain constant, and that is the bond that always holds you and your special friends together forever. There is always another house, but there isnt always a new best friend. Brian

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